Top End And Bottom End Inspection-

If your bearings are knocking or if your engine is completely locked,We will do a compression test on the top and on the bottom end.

Fork Seals Installation-

If you see oil leaking out of your forks
we have to clear all the oil and replace it,
every thing must be clean to check for future leaks

Compression Test And Full Inspection-

If you feel your bike is not preforming well boggy, etc.I will do a full inspection
If you lose compression, I will have to bore out the cylinder to a bigger size, and then I will do a top end rebuild.

Complete Tune Up-

If you want a complete tune up we will check the air filter and oil it if its needed.We will also check the spark plug, brakes, suspension, and the fluid. If its a two-stroke we will make sure the gas has the correct ratio.

Carbs Rebuild, Rejet And Tune-

If the bike is bogging out, we will check the reeds/flappers to make sure they are not open or broken, check the jets, the air screws, check the seals, adjust the air screws to deliver the right mix of air/gas

Bleeding Service-

If your brakes are not responding correctly we will bleed out the brake fluids and put new liquid in. Same goes to the coolant if your bike over heats too quickly

Full Race Engine {RE}Build And Installation-

We can rebuild or build Yamaha Banshees such as Sand Drag Banshees and Asphalt Drag Banshees

Stroker Engine-

We can Bore out pistons, Over cool the head, And over ride the transmission

In-Frame pipes / exhaust-

We can relocate the route of the exhaust to be inline towards the back of the bike

Out-Frame exhaust-

We can relocate the route of the exhaust to towards the side of the bike

Harness Repair-

If your cables are cut, burnt out, etc… we will rewire them

Cams Install And Head-

This is only on a 4-stroke engine, if your bike is not starting we will check the valve latch. When the valve is open too much the bike may not start

Leak Down Test-

If you think there is a leak around your valve openings, we will push compresses air into the spark plug opening to look for leaks.

Complete Lubricants-

If you think it is time for a oil change we will change your Engine oil, Brake oil, etc…




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